Copenaghen 2018

Copenaghen it is a city that with its sea, its breeze, its green parks and its clean and blue buildings, its golden and glittering decorations, its creative corners and its museums kept in normal houses, simply tells you : you haven’t seen anything like it before.


The canova chair integrates modern and classic design, resembling a classic woo-den café chair. The chair is made of polypropylene. My main ambition was to elevate this material from the way it is traditionally perceived.


Inspired by an open seashell, the chair is inviting and welcomes the user to enjoy great comfort. Organic, welcoming and floating are the best words to describe the shape of kram.


Úti” is the Icelandic word that expresses the concept of the French “en plein air”.

With this chair Infiniti presents a new, Nordic and minimal,

way of experiencing the open air that supersedes the common Me-diterranean concept of outdoor furniture.


The key design words descri-bing the flink bar stool are futuristic and soft. inspired by the pebbles found on  the beach, which over time have been slowly shaped, smoothed and  polished by the sea into soft, round and friendly shapes. That is why the stool is called “flink”, the danish word for “friendly”.


Klejn is created with light-ness and simplicity in mind, inspired by structures such as cranes and ships in the seaport surrounding Aarhus seafront.