4 Dimensioni is a project for a chair and a stool made of 100% wood, assembled without the use of glues or metal parts but only with cuts and joints.

These are self-supporting structures, therefore, of objects that exist thanks only to themselves.
This is the concept behind the design of these eco-sustainable furniture: an eco-sustainability that must be able to self-sustain itself along the time to work.


The inspiration comes from the productive process of these furnishings: starting from monodimensional lines, are extracted bidimensional shapes from a single board from which finally is assembled the tridimensional object.

And the fourth dimension is the wood: a material that needs time to be created and that can change into multiple forms during the time.
A fundamental aspect of these green products is that they’re 100% recyclable, made entirely in wood.

About the technicals: both the elements are designed to optimize and minimize the waste of material and occupy less possible space during the transport phase once disassembled, and all without penalize the final ergonomic.

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