THE 58TH EDITION OF THE MILAN FURNITURE FAIR IS OVER. THE LATEST PRODUCTS OF OUR BRAND WERE EXHIBITED DURING THE BENCHMARK EVENT OF INTERNATIONAL DESIGN. The Milano Design Week finished a few days ago. Many took their time to visit our stall, letting their eyes wander over the lines of Woodland, the infiniti design stall designed by Stefano Boeri, created to stress the bond between humans and nature. In our stall we showed and presented our 4 new entries. We’re talking about seats Tondina, Canova and Pure Loop, made with recycled domestic plastic. In addition to being environmentally friendly, these chairs are also unique. Depending on the plastic used, they get different facets and nuances.

INFINITI DESIGN – EKKI BY MC.DSG mC.dsg chooses to pay homage to the tradition of 1900’s designers with Ekki. This chair makes reference to old-fashioned lines enriched by contemporary elements like the metal crosspiece placed on the back of the large rectangular backrest, and the assembly elements in view. Ekki by mC.dsg also shines for its contrasts. Like those of solid durmast wood and powder-coated metal, sharp edges and curved tubes and wood. Ekki is also versatile, with three different finishes and paints and the opportunity to choose between having armrests or not.

INFINITI DESIGN – BOMBOM BY FAVARETTO&PARTNERS What does BomBom make you think of? Something soft and smooth. This is exactly what Bombom, the armchair made by Favaretto&Partners, wants to recall. Its round shape conveys comfort and ease, thanks to the padded, curved and hugging backrest. Its round shape invites you to sit down on the comfy cushion of the seat with removable cold-foamed lining.

INFINITI DESIGN – FELUCA BY BROGLIATOTRAVERSO Have you ever heard about “Feluca”? It’s a headgear dating back to the 1700’s, marked by two curved downward tips. Designers Alberto Brogliato and Federico Traverso have named after it the seat they made for us of infiniti. Solid, harmonious and refined shapes are enhanced by the elliptical tube characterizing the legs. Feluca by BrogliatoTraverso has a multi-layered seat and backrest in wood with ash wood in view.

INFINITI DESIGN – SICLA BY CLAUS BREINHOLT Comfortable and solid and stable seat. We’re talking about Sicla, the creation of Danish designer Claus Breinholt. Aluminium, steel, polypropylene are the materials of Sicla by Claus Breinholt, a seat that doesn’t compromise on design or materials.

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