Paris 2019

Always a model of style, Paris is undoubtedly one of the most romantic and exciting destinations of the world. With its charming neighborhoods, getting lost in this city means discovering architectural and artistic wonders that only the French capital can give.
Infiniti shows its new seats through the beautiful surrounding of “la Ville Lumière”:


Sicla is a rigid “bucket” chair, made of a comfortable lightweight and thin shell. To
provide strength and stability, the edges along the shell have been curved. To avoid the “hollow” sensation of the shape a rib was inserted around the back of the chair, leading out into the armrest. This provides a lot of stability to the rest of the shell, supporting the slim and slight expression. As an added bonus, the rib provides a good grip on the armrest when lifting the chair.


You will find in BomBom everything you can expect from an armchair: softness, smoothness, fluffiness, sensations fully evoked by its name.
Its rounded shape invites you to get comfortable on its cushioned seat with a removable lining and cold foam inside.


The feluca (“becorn hat” in english) is an ancient headgear used in the eighteenth century and characterized by two downward curved extremities. It is no coincidence if BrogliatoTraverso chose this name for their new chair, since its backward has a shape that strongly reminds of it. This particular design gives a sense of movement to its profile, erasing any rigidity and enhancing harmony and refinement.


mC.dsg wants to pay homage to early twentieth century designers with Ekki, a chair with a retrò design. It’s enriched by contemporary elements such as the metal beams placed on the back side of the rectangular backrest, and the visible assembly components.