We have started from what we love to do: in this collection dedicated to outdoor furniture we have decided to tell you about a series of infiniti projects, conceived or adapted for outdoor use, through an adventurous journey into the typical Italian regions.

From the plants that grow wild to the typical climate, passing through the most authentic proverbs, we wanted to blend our chairs and tables with the architecture, soul and characteristic materials of the various areas of Italy, immortalised from north to south, from east to west.

We have not given an order to our journey, because an order does not exist: every Italian region is a wonderful microcosm, every project is a journey and every journey is a project.

We have reinvented ourselves with new shapes, but above all we have experimented with new finishes and materials, so that the product could lend itself to the demanding requirements of the ‘plein-air’: the result is a delicate combination of the contemporary design of our products with glimpses of historic architecture, breathtaking views and modern elements of Italian flavour.

Discover our Outdoor Collections 2022.

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