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She calls herself “una designer per tutti” (a designer for everyone), and her blog of the same name is proof of this. Francesca Grua was born an engineer, but from that often rigorous and not very inclusive world, she doesn’t externalize anything, on the contrary!

Over the years, her passion for interior design has led her to provide furnishing advice for homes with a soul, accessible both financially and in terms of liveability. Homes for everyone, rooms made to measure for those who live in them, without neglecting style and comfort.

Her community, which is also very active on social networks, asks Francesca for advice and curiosities, and with her unique kindness and humanity she always replies, dispenses ideas and inspires purchasing choices, completely eliminating the gap between professional and client.

We met Francesca in our temporary showroom in Milan, and had the opportunity not only to get to know a well-prepared, attentive and creative professional, but also to hear her vision of the future of design. After choosing her Freya, with its light-coloured shell and delicate but highly original upholstery, she answered our questions as follows:


If I can find a corner to work in, and if I can fit a small desk in there, Freya will be the chair for the job. It will then become a working chair!

What do you think is the essential characteristic that leads you to choose a chair when designing a space?

The chair in my opinion has to be comfortable and attractive, while its design has to be different from existing structures. I like the idea that it can stand out from the crowd, that’s it. I imagine the average, non-expert buyer, who maybe doesn’t have the in-depth knowledge of what design can be and is therefore not in the industry, used to seeing products that are more mainstream and easy to choose…. I’d like him to see a chair and say: “Wow, this is new, I’ve never seen it before!”. Maybe those in the industry already know that that model is inspired by references from the past, but to the end user it’s a whole new chair and they perceive it as such.

What do you think is the most visible trend change when designing a place, an environment, public or private?

In my opinion, today’s home is more people-friendly, more intimate, more connected to the family and to the liveability of the space. It no longer has to be just beautiful, aesthetically perfect and pleasing at first glance, but a home in which one recognises oneself, in which those who live in it can say “This house is mine, it represents me, and there are objects and furnishings in it that reflect me and speak of me”.

Describe Supersalone 2021 in one word (architecture or design related, if you wish)?

Accessible! I would like it to be at least that, and not just economically. I would like visitors not to stop and look at a piece of designer furniture and say “It’s nice, but I can’t afford it” or “Unfortunately it’s not for us”; even if a piece of furniture is called designer and it’s from a more or less prestigious company, it doesn’t have to be accessible!

Francesca doesn’t just do interior design, she also does styling work, and shares her vision of design and her best projects on her social channels. If you would like to meet her, or trust her for your new project, you can find her here:

Blog: Unadesignerpertutti

Instagram: @unadesignerpertutti


Facebook: @unadesignerpertutti

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