The Fuga Family is a project for a chair and a stool that born from a combination of few wooden elements interlocked together.

The joint is the central focus of the project ‘cause it assumes at the same time a functional role, allowing to eliminate screws and accessories not in wood, and an aesthetic role, ‘cause the joint is showed and emphasized revealing how the parts are assembled.

The chair and the stool are bound in a clean and simple aesthetics; the elements are assembled in the same way and the legs are exactly the same, but shorter in the chair.

Fuga is eco-sustainable, 100% recyclable, totally wood-crafted.


  • Chair and stool are designed totally in ash or natural oak, or dyed with water-based aniline.
  • The frame is in solid wood and the structure in curved multi-layer.


  • Chair_ Height: 79.6 cm Seat height: 46 cm Width: 49 cm Depth: 52 cm
  • Stool _ Height: 78.6 cm Seat height: 65 cm Width: 44 cm Depth: 42 cm


Volta is a chair that makes of a small detail its distinctive element. Clean and linear in its shapes, but poetic at the same time.

It is inspired by the keystone, from which it takes its name. If in Roman architecture this small element allowed the construction and stability of an arch,
in the chair closes the assembling process of the constructive elements that compose it.

The challenge of designing a seat without screws has led to the use of various “dovetail” joints, a functional solution but also with a strong aesthetic impact.
The joints on the seat and back are not hidden but emphasized and clearly visible. As an expression of “well done” and Italian craftsmanship.
Volta is composed of six elements and disassembled takes up a minimum volume.