Infiniti goes green! Starting from 2020, our new projects will be dressed in a new plastic, deriving from post-industrial consumption which is given new life to the detriment of the virgin polypropylene previously used.

PCR plastic, discarded for a long time, is actually perfect for the furniture sector: it is easily available and guarantees full colors.

No change, therefore, with the nuances already proposed in the catalogue ; infiniti guarantees a color rendering result absolutely comparable to the chairs printed with “virgin” material.

The goal we intend to pursue is to minimize the use of non-recycled polypropylene, and to convert the entire product portfolio of infiniti into industrial PCR by 2023.

However, sustainability does not stop at the sole use of completely recycled material: post-consumer polypropylene, in fact, at the end of the chair’s life cycle is totally recyclable and therefore can be used to create new products, eliminating material waste.

Our know-how, combined with advanced techniques for recycling plastic waste, creates durable, long-lived and functional products, which at the same time help reduce the environmental impact and respect nature more.

Reuse, reduction and recycling become, for infiniti, the keywords that constitute not only a real medium-long term business objective but also an identity component of its corporate culture, to which infiniti adheres from today.

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