The excellent climate and spectacular position, overlooking the Ocean and at the foot of Table Mountain, make this city heaven on earth. The wonderful surrounding beaches offer every kind of water sport imaginable, or you can simply laze on the beach and soak up the sun. Tondina Pop Bi 20s Pure Loop Mini Updown

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Mexico City is an incredible city at 2500 metres above sea level. On a walk through its chaotic roads and wafts of street food, you can soak up the country’s complicated history: from the ruins of the Teotihuacan pyramids which bear witness to an ancient and mysterious civilisation, up to the Mexican Revolution, with the

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In order to explain Demoiselle concept (elegant sofa available in armchair version as well) we needed to think about a special place including deep tradition and elegance at the same time, with settings that reveal dynamic push towards the modernity. Beijing has experienced profound changes to its layout over the last 60 years. The most

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Amsterdam 2016

A series of canals and narrow lanes divide the historical streets and residences of this wonderful city which was founded as a fishing village but flourished under colonialism. Am-sterdam has one of the largest renaissance centres in europe where there has always been an atmosphere of art and freedom.

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Turchia 2014

Crossroads of cultures and tastes, since Turkey has always been a gateway between East and West. Touched by two seas, this country is a land of many colors and mysteries. Ancient and evocative archaeological sites and ruins around the country tell in detail the many civilizations that have lived in Turkey.

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