infiniti launches “green factor design contest”

Young talents: wanted! What we require: a lot of creativity and something special, the “green factor”. Infiniti Design has always been interested in young professionals’ innovative concepts. That’s why the brand has launched a new edition of the “Green Factor Design Contest” for all under 35 designers and architects who believe in respecting the environment.

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Margot becomes … POP !

Previously moulded in polycarbonate, Margot is now completely manufactured in polypropylene. This development adds to the chair more stability and makes it suitable for outdoor use, keeping the stackability till 6 pieces. Thanks to solid colour finishes of polypropylene Margot counts on an upgraded look. In addition to the classical colours as black, white and

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Amsterdam 2016

A series of canals and narrow lanes divide the historical streets and residences of this wonderful city which was founded as a fishing village but flourished under colonialism. Am-sterdam has one of the largest renaissance centres in europe where there has always been an atmosphere of art and freedom.

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Turchia 2014

Crossroads of cultures and tastes, since Turkey has always been a gateway between East and West. Touched by two seas, this country is a land of many colors and mysteries. Ancient and evocative archaeological sites and ruins around the country tell in detail the many civilizations that have lived in Turkey.

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Lisbona 2014

Lisbon is the classic coastal city with an old-world charm, where pages of history and li-terature, written in bo-oks that tell of explo-rers and fishermen, intertwine. A wonderful mosaic of culture and nature is the backdrop to the melodic  music of the fado.

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